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2 minute theology

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

There is one living and true God

Who is Love

Who is Spirit

Knowledge, wisdom and goodness

Beyond measure

Who brought the universe into being.

No one has seen eternal God

But his character

Can be known

In the person of Jesus Christ,

Son of God,

Nature and grace of God on earth.

The Divine Presence triggered

A singularity

In space-time

14 billion earth-years past

Creating, composing

Expanding, cooling universe.

A galaxy forms and near its edge, a star

Of burning brilliance

With dreaming planets.

Gas giants and icy globes.

Amidst them

Sparkling green and blue, majestic Earth.

Elements of Earth combine

Nuclei divide

Duplicating data

Life springs from lifeless dust.

Divine breath

Stimulates its processes

Earth rounds its star four billion times

As Divine Love nurtures

Life evolving

Growing in complexity,

'Til self-aware

Humanity emerges, mindful of mortality.

Humankind: women and men



With capacity to love

Just like God!

But DNA driven to survive.

The nature of an apex predator

With lust to rule

Inclined to fail

In power clusters, tribes and nations

Exploiter and abuser

Covets and controls resources and procreation.

None is free from selfish tendency

All undeserving

All fall short

But for those accepting Christ, salvation!


In intimate relationship with Him

God anointed Jesus Christ

Identified Him

This Son of Man

Mediator with humankind

Prophet, Priest

King above all earthly kings.

In Jesus, witness perfect humanity!

No selfishness

Just love and grace.

Who holds himself accountable


For humanity’s fragility and failure.

Speaking truth to power


Hypocrisy and deceit

Champion of the poor and weak

Grace and mercy

To the marginalised and rejected.

In his infinite capacity for Grace

God accepts,


All who freely follow Christ

Those so blessed

Are called to God’s purpose by his Spirit

Brothers and Sisters of Christ


And Sons

of eternal God by adoption

Through Christ

By the power of the Spirit

Free to accept, or reject him

Humans may choose

The Way of Life

Or exist by their own resources.

Good works alone

Do not bring them closer to God

At once liberating and binding

Sola fide

Faith alone

bestows freedom from iniquity


And bound in love to Christ

Quickened and strengthened

In saving grace,

In amazing ways

To practice daily holiness,

The fruits of faith.

Draw them ever closer to Father God

Holy Spirit, essence of God


Guides the way

Into truth and knowledge

of God in Christ,

Confirms in them all grace.

The church, universal,

Many streams

of living water

Flowing from a single source

Body of Christ

Gathering, perfecting his people.

A sacrament, a symbol

Of choice

For Jesus

A sign of the cross in water

or immersion

To show the world we are his.

In the name of the Father,

And of the Son,

And of the Holy Spirit

Become his forever

A sign and seal

Of the Covenant of Grace

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